LSV Senior Center

LSV Newcomer Tours on Wednesdays

Never been to the Senior Center? Been here, but don’t really know all that it has to offer? Come in any Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. and get a guided tour by a member of the Senior Center Advisory Council.
No appointment needed. Just check in at the front desk by 10 a.m. on any Wednesday morning.
Kids jaws drop as they see a big snake

Snakes can be fun!

girls with snake

These young ladies weren't shy around a corn snake at the Frog Lady presentation.

A senior holds a large snake

Snakes are fun for all ages!

flag ceremony

Tony Guleiva carrying our flag at The Parade of Flags at the 2018 Township Officials of Illinois meeting in Springfield.

LSV Senior Center

Information on Disabled Parking

Did you know that Temporary Placards can be issued to Stickney Township residents with a temporary disability? More information here.

Township Day 2018 - Frozen Custard, Trucks and Teddy Bears, Oh MY!

Township Day took place at the Central Stickney Community Center on September 12 and, as promised, gave Kids a close up look at vehicles from the Highway Department, Animal Control and mosquito abatement. In addition, staff from various Health District and Township departments were on hand to provide information in the community room.

More photos to come, so watch this space!

Snakes!(and frogs and turtles, too.)

Deb Krohn, aka The Frog Lady, is more than a Frog Lady. She's a snake lady, a turtle lady and a reptiles-in-general lady! She travels around the area doing educational presentations about reptiles and recently stopped by the Louis S. Viverito Senior Center for Grandparents Day. She showed off her lizards and snakes to the kids and seniors. Judging by the lines to get up close both Deb and her friends were a hit!

MWRD Reservoir Expansion to Alleviate Area Flooding

Shovels hit the ground in Burbank on April 2 for the official groundbreaking of the Melvina Ditch Reservoir expansion project. The expansion is designed to provide much needed flood relief to both Burbank and Oak Lawn. “Today’s groundbreaking represents the culmination of an engaging public process that relied on the input of Burbank and Oak Lawn residents to work toward a solution to severe flooding in their communities,” said MWRD President Mariyana Spyropoulos.

Construction is now officially underway on the reservoir, 6500 W. 87th St., Burbank, and is anticipated to be complete by 2020. The MWRD will remove more than 80,000 tons of dirt to increase its holding capacity by nearly 64 million gallons. The $20-million project, funded primarily by the MWRD, also recieved a grant from the State of Illinois through it's Build Illinois Bond Fund.

Area officials, including Stickney Township Supervisor Louis S. Viverito, were on hand and applauded the project. "I'm extremely excited and proud to think the MWRD is going to help Stickney Township, the City of Burbank and the Village of Oak Lawn solve their flooding problems," said Viverito. "You can't believe the people who would come to me crying and upset that they were flooded. This is going to be great for the residents and businesses of Burbank and for Oak Lawn."

“The village of Burbank couldn’t be more pleased that we are progressing on this project,” said Burbank Mayor Dan Foy. “There are 430 residential properties that will have a reduced risk of flooding during storms. This is a great day.”

Additional work on the reservoir will include the installation of a stormwater chamber and culverts at the outlet of the pumping station. Contruction will extend to 87th Street to install the culverts and replace any disturbed utilities. Storm pumps will also be removed and serviced and impellers will be lengthened. Downstream communities, such as Bridgview, Chicago Ridge and Worth will also benefit indirectly from the reservior.

Tick Season is Here – For You And Your Pets

The Stickney Township Environmental Health Department is aware that this time of year can see an increased activity of tick populations. We would like to remind our residents to take these precautions in order to avoid tick bites and the potential illnesses that come with them.

Ticks eat the blood of mammals, reptiles, birds, or amphibians to survive. Because they cannot fly, they climb onto a person or animal as they walk by. A bite from a tick can cause mild to severe illness, and different species of ticks are carriers of certain illnesses.

Ticks Prevention in Humans:

  • Clear tall grass and brush, keeping grass mowed and weeds under control.
  • When outdoors, wear white, or light colored protective clothing to make it easier to spot ticks.
  • Wear head coverings, and long sleeve shirts and long pants tucked into socks or boots.
  • Apply insect repellent containing 20 percent or more DEET to your clothes and exposed skin, except your face and hands.
  • Check the skin and clothing of yourself, children, and other family members and pets for ticks every two or three hours after returning indoors.
  • Remove any tick promptly by grasping it with tweezers and gently, but firmly pulling it out.
  • Wash hand and tick bite with soap and water. The most common symptom of tick bites usually occurs within two weeks of a tick bite, and include fever, chills, aches, and pains. If you see a doctor be sure to tell them where you were and when you were bitten.

    Tick preventions in Dogs:

  • After your dog has been outside carefully check your dog for ticks. Check in between toes, inside ears, between the legs, around the neck, and deep in the fur.
  • Prevent your dog from roaming through wooded areas where ticks are likely to be lying in.
  • Keep cats indoors to prevent tick exposure.
  • Call your veterinarian for more information on how to keep your pets safe form ticks. For more information on tick protection and prevention visit The Center for Disease Control web page at:

    Worried about your pet getting fleas? Information on what you can do to protect your pets can be found here.

    FYI - Old Barn Cell Tower

    All inquiries regarding the cell tower located on the Old Barn property should be directed to the City of Burbank.

    The Township is not responsible for its location or maintenance.

    Stroke and Heart Attack Screenings Offered

    The Little Company of Mary Health Education Center offers Wake Up Call Screenings one Saturday each month from 7:30 am-noon. This one hour comprehensive screening for stroke and heart attack could save your life! Includes CBC, chemistry panel, cholesterol panel, thyroid level, liver enzymes and more. Ultrasound of the abdominal aorta and carotid arteries, peripheral vascular screening, heart rhythm screening for atrial fibrillation. NEW this year!!! Screening for metabolic syndrome. Includes personalized visit with the wellness nurse educator. Fee $155 (value $4,000). By appointment only. Payment required at time of registration. First appointment at 7:30 am. To register and for more information call 708 423-5774.

  • kids on truck

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    Chess Club has all the right moves

    Chess Club Host Has All The Right Moves

    Michael Lenox, the man behind the Stickney Township Chess Club, was recently honored with an award from the United States Chess Federation. He was named Accessibility and Special Circumstances Person of the Year. In addition to his participation in the US Chess Accessibility and Special Needs Committee, Michael serves as a Board Member of the Illinois Chess Association and is the Founder and President of Illinois Chess Vets.

    Trustee award

    Trustee Receives Lions Club Award

    Trustee Tony Guleiva recently received the Melvin Jones Award for his humanitarian efforts in the community from the local Lions Club. He was congratulated by his fellow elected officials and Supervisor Louis S. Viverito at the July Township Board Meeting.

    Pictured are (front, left to right) Township Clerk Hector Cesario, Trustee Guleiva and Supervisor Viverito; (rear, left to right) Township Assesor Jay Grider, Highway Commissioner Dan Paluch, and Trustees Frank Pajak, Donna Galeher and Louise Zelinski