LSV Senior Center

LSV Newcomer Tours on Wednesdays

Never been to the Senior Center? Been here, but don’t really know all that it has to offer? Come in any Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. and get a guided tour by a member of the Senior Center Advisory Council.
No appointment needed.   Just check in at the front desk by 10 a.m. on any Wednesday morning.
LSV Senior Center

Information on Disabled Parking

Did you know that Temporary Placards can be issued to Stickney Township residents with a temporary disability? More information here.


Not Too Big, Not Too Small – Stickney Township is Just Right

The first annual Illinois Township Government Day was held on Wednesday, September 21. The event was a coordinated effort by Stickney Township and the Illinois Township Association of Senior Cintizen Services Committies intended to highlight the value of the services provided by township government.

Open Houses featured activities at all building locations including the South Clinic, North Building, Central Building and the LSV Senior Center.

Elected township officials and staff were on hand to answer questions, tour the facilities and provide important information about our programs, services and resources.

According to Township Supervisor Louis S. Viverito township government is under state scrutiny.

"Our assets are completely paid for and we run in the black, something that is rare for a unit of government. Yet, there is talk of abolishing townships or rolling the assets into other units of government. Honestly, do you think the State or County could do a better job of providing the services that we offer as affordably as we do?" questions Supervisor Viverito.

"Our goal is to increase public awareness of the valuable services Stickney Township provides, services that will likely cost taxpayers a great deal more if they were left in the hands of a larger unit of government."

Township Day at Stickney Township featured an intergeneraltional event at the North Building with brought together seniors with children enrolled in the township pre-school program and their families; a $2 lunch featuring prime rib at the S LSV Senior Center; a truck rodeo at the Central Building; the weekly Farmers Market at Central and free ice cream courtesy of Andy's at all locations.

2016 Stickney Township Farmers Market Every Wednesday

This years Farmers Market is held each Wednesday from 2:00 to 5:00 in the South Clinic parking lot. If you are interested in participating as a food or crafts vendor at this year's market check out the latest vendor information here.

Township Sprays to Reduce Mosquito Populations

The Stickney Public Health District is continuing its efforts against West Nile virus by spraying to kill adult mosquitoes throughout the Township. Spraying will begin in Stickney Township the week of June 27th and continue into the following week or until necessary to spray the entire Township.

More info here.

Stickney Township Salute To Our Veterans

Hundreds turned out for Township sponsored events that saluted area veterans on December 7, 2015. Friends and families joined former service men and women at the Township's North Clinic as well as the Louis S. Viverito Senior Center. Many brought mementos that reflected their service.

Veterans were presented with tee shirts that commemorated the occasion, printed by Rags of Honor, a local tee shirt company that hires veterans.

More photos here.

Community Health Improvement: Your Voice Counts and Your Opinion Matters

The Cook County Department of Public Health is asking suburban Cook County adults, ages 18 years and older, for information about conditions in our communities that support health. Conditions that support health include: affordable housing, health services, job opportunities, good schools, public transportation, recreation, community safety, and more.

Answering a few questions can help the health department and our partners improve your community's health. The survey takes about 15 minutes and is available in English and Spanish.

A Polish version can be found here.

Language Volunteer Program

Are you bi-lingual? Interested in helping others? Find out how you can volunteer to bridge the language barrier for those seeking public services. More on the Language Volunteer Program...


Township Day at the Stickney Farmers Market featured free ice cream courtesy of Andy's..

An intergenerational event at the North Building brought seniors and preschoolers together.
Macaroni Soup

A little rain didn't dampen spirits at the Central Building where Supervisor Louis S. Viverito helped hand out the ice cream to the after school crowd of parents and children!